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  • Inflammatory skin condition with dry patches that causes skin to itch and flake.
  • There are allergic and non-allergic forms of eczema.
  • Chronic eczema can affect quality of life due to the intensity of the itching and sleep interference.
  • Uncontrolled eczema can lead to skin infection including Methicillinresistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).
  • If eczema begins in early childhood, it typically improves with age though can persist for many years.
  • When eczema begins in adulthood, it may be more chronic (long-lasting).
  • Eczema results in an itch-scratch cycle that continues and worsens. Antihistamines can be helpful to break this cycle.
  • Allergists help identify triggers including environmental and food allergens that may be contributing to uncontrolled eczema. Allergists can prescribe medications and teach proper skin hydration techniques to control eczema.

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"As a first time patient, I was very satisfied with the level of service the receptionists and nurses offered, and I was blown away by Dr. Lewis. She was so understanding and informative, and made me feel validated. I would recommend this practice to anyone seeking allergy support, they will treat you well! Thank you all!"

- Sam Sisler

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